Hello Hun,

It seems that I have caught your eye, or perhaps ignited your curiosity, I hope this is the start of a beautiful connection! I am the type of woman that loves what I do, and I do it well…

Coming from London, I am a proper British sweetheart. The level of class and charm I embody can be intoxicating to my American gentleman. I’m quite mature for my age, but I still embody a fun, youthful spirit. Life doesn’t have to be taken so seriously all the time! Since I have been yearning to broaden my horizons for a while now, I am currently residing in the States looking for my next adventure, and to be honest, I’m hoping it’s with you!

My friends and I like to think of myself as the British Megan Fox, we share similarities in both appearance and sex appeal. Standing at 5’11 inches, I pretty much can walk into any room and own it. My long, dark, and luxurious hair makes my blue eyes pop immensely, and my smile might just melt your heart! I make it a priority to hit the gym and do Pilates so my body can stay nice and toned. Self care is most definitely a priority for me, you have to treat yourself to these types of things that improve your overall health and appearance, and to truly live your best life!

I love lounging around in spandex and being casual, just enjoying intimacy and connection, but I also never miss an opportunity to get dressed up with hair and make up done! I love going to parties and events, or to a nice restaurant or bar setting. I’m the perfect date for both occasions. Not to mention, I’m the model figure everybody wants on their arm when outing to fabulous places, I promise to never disappoint!

My personality can be described as bubbly and witty, as I enjoy keeping a conversation interesting and exciting. At the same time, I can be very sweet and a great listener. I am very open minded and love learning new things, or traveling to new places. I very much aim to please, I want us both to equally enjoy our time with one another, so I will do all that I can to make you feel at ease. I very well may leave you wanting more and proceed with caution gentleman!

I have high standards of cleanliness, and I expect my suitors to follow suit. General etiquette upon arrival is also important, please be discreet and leave the donation in a plain white envelope in the washroom. I do not discuss explicits, please kindly avoid discussing anything of that nature with me, it’s not proper.

Now that you have become acquainted with me, I am very much looking forward to your lovely inquiry. Let’s make this year one of new and exciting memories, cheers!


Victoria Banks xx

Services I like to give

Sexy Striptease

I love putting sexy outfits on…just to slowly take them off as you gaze at me in awe. I can dance to your favorite music and have you ready to burst with anticipation when I’m grinding up against you with your hands touching my body…it turns me on so much.

True GFE

Exploring sexuality with you is amazing to me, but I am also here for the other stuff. Enlightening conversations, fun experiences, cuddling, I like to make you feel good overall. It feels good to me when I’m with a man that enjoys and appreciates me for my lovely personality. I crave genuine connection which makes the experience with you even better.

Oral Pleasures

Both giving and receiving, but I certainly take pride in my top notch skills, I really do aim to please! When that feeling is reciprocated, I can really explode!

Sensual Massages

I Iove feeling a man’s strong hands massaging my body, starting at my shoulders and moving down to my butt and groin area….it is a major turn on and great foreplay. I also love giving you a nice calming massage to get you feeling good and relaxed, so let me take your stress away! I can use oils or lotions to enhance the experience as well.



1 hour 850
1.5 hours 1250
2 hours 1650
3 hours 2450
4 hours 3250

12 hours 6050
48 hours 13100



1 hour 1000
1.5 hours 1400
2 hours 1800
3 hours 2600
4 hours 3400

12 hours 6200
48 hours 13200


*Couples +500 with 2hr minimum

*Deposit may be required


*By confirming with me, you are agreeing to the terms of my cancellation policy. Cancellations less than 72 hours are subject to 50% of the expected donation as a cancellation fee. If you cancel within 24 hours, the fee is 100% of the expected donation. You may also be subject to a deposit that is non refundable


City: Miamis
Age: 23
Height: 5’11”
Bra size: 34DD
Hair: Brunette long
Weight in lbs: 135
Eye color: Blue


Food : Japanese or Mexican
Drink : amaretto sour
Dessert : anything chocolate
Perfume : Versace
Music : r&b, hip hop, alt rock, house
Hobbies : weight lifting, Pilates, reading, traveling, fine dining, shopping, viewing art exhibits or plays
Color: emerald green
Flower : rose or lily


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Charleston 7/22-7/24

Charlotte 7/24-7/26

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San Francisco 6/4-6/7

Chicago 6/19-6/21

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